Twins Hardcover Journal

Twins Hardcover Journal


💕 TWINS JOURNAL FOR PARENTS: Unique pregnancy and baby’s first year planner and keepsake journal. This twins baby journal will serve as a diary, planner, guidebook, calendar, tracker, medical log, journal, and scrapbook for everything from your pregnancy up to your twin’s first year.

💕 SWEET BABY SHOWER GIFT: This item will make every pregnancy happier and exciting. It is a wonderful way to create a unique keepsake of the most memorable moments of your pregnancy. The pages include: Who the journal belongs to, mom’s nine months of pregnancy, planning and prep prior to birth, birth announcement and shower, birth and up to 1st Christmas and 1st Birthday.

💕 SPECIAL SPOT FOR MOM’S FIRSTS: There are special pages dedicated for mommy and daddy! This is also a journal for mom to note special milestone dates for her in the front and blank journal pages in the back where she can write her private special notes to her babies.

💕 BEST GIFTS FOR EXPECTING PARENTS: This item is the best gifts idea that will speak to mother’s heart. Perfect for you as a new mommy or treat an expectant women friend with this heartwarming gift. This lovely stuff will help moms remember and recall their pregnancy forever.

🤪 SPACE FOR BLOOPERS – Memories that are silly, goofy, smelly, messy that brought you a tear, smile or laugh!

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