Twins on the way is a statement that elicits a broad range of reactions from people. The fact remains that twins are a blessing that deserves to be celebrated and welcomed with fitting gifts. According to NovaaLife, creating products that cater to twin pregnancies, twin parenting, and gifts from the rest of the family is a great joy. “Here is a place to smile, laugh, and shop for your double blessing. Customers are overjoyed in our products and this shows up in our 5-star reviews.”

NovaaLife was founded as a passion project that celebrates the magic of twin pregnancies and births. The brand has been providing the best gift items for babies that parents will cherish forever. In establishing NovaaLife, Teresa aims to help people celebrate the blessing of twins. NovaaLife products are created by a twin mom who has experienced the joys of having twins as well as the hectic side of things. Each of the products is designed to be unique and functional. After realizing how much of a struggle it is for people to find twins gift items and twin baby items, Teresa created NovaaLife to be the answer for twins’ parents and those around them looking for the perfect gifts and baby items.

Therefore, NovaaLife is not just a hot spot for twin moms but also a great source of gifts and gift ideas and twin baby items. Grandparents, uncles, aunties, and other relatives and friends of twins can also turn to NovaaLife to find gifts and help the moms find perfect twins’ essentials. NovaaLife also offers excellent ideas for twin baby items to take to twin baby showers. On NovaaLife’s website, people can browse a selection of twin baby products from the popular twin monthly milestone blanket. People can also find NovaaLife products for twins on Amazon.

The monthly milestone blanket features a beaded frame and sticker that twin parents can use to highlight the baby’s monthly number. “Our baby growth chart blankets are the perfect baby photo props to remember their first year.” The twins’ pregnancy journal and NovaaLife notepad are best sellers.

NovaaLife also features an 18-month calendar for twin moms, which can be used as a memory book to keep track of responsibilities and obligations. This calendar helps mom balance the day-to-day.

The paperback twins’ pregnancy journal helps parents of twins plan their pregnancy and the first year of the babies, making for a great keepsake. “The twin’s baby journal serves as a diary, planner, guidebook, calendar, tracker, medical log, journal, and scrapbook for everything from pregnancy to the twin’s first year.” On the other hand, the NovaaLife baby log helps twin parents track their wakeup time, the newborns’ mood, diaper and feeding records, daily plans, nap time, and other extra notes. “A baby care log gives peace of mind to parents and guardians when leaving babies with a babysitter, nanny, or family member.”

NovaaLife continues to research and introduce twins baby items that amplify the blessing of having twin babies.

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