About NovaaLife

Greetings from the fam!

Full disclosure: I’m a proud momma of 4 amazing kiddos! I am here to encourage, inspire and uplift all parents!

Leaving the corp world of 20+ years to follow my dreams has been the most rewarding experience! One may say life calling. NovaaLife originally started as a passion project that has slowly blossomed into a brand of its own.

My husband and children have been my inspiration for this project and my prayer for them is to always follow their hearts and passions, not a career. NovaaLife really took form when I discovered the Twin category did not have the same options to choose from as the category for solo babies.

I fell in love with this unique watercolor design along with listening to other moms of twins to expand our catalog. Our options are currently small but with time and God’s grace we will continue to evolve and grow. Here you will find gifts for families of Twins that are beautiful and cozy! Grab your camera, snap away and enjoy your little miracles. Excited to join you on this journey!!

P.S. May your coffee be stronger than your toddlers 😘